Aug 08, 2017 · For BMW, which calls each of its vehicles "The Ultimate Driving Machine," anything less than perfect steering feedback, without too much effort, is not good enough which is why they equipped the 1999-2006 BMW E46 3 Series with an optional active power steering assist system.
Apr 03, 2018 · BMW Electric Power Steering EPS makes use of an electric motor. This motor drives a ball-screw mechanism via a toothed rubber belt and is mounted to the side of the rack housing. EPS is much more advanced than hydraulic systems, as it uses several steering sensors which feed information to the vehicle’s on-board computer.
The power steering pump is a critical component of this, forcing hydraulic fluid into the rack and pinion (or steering box), assisting the movement of the steering wheel. With age, a power steering pump will begin to make grinding or squealing noises at full lock, indicating bearing wear.
Jan 08, 2012 · Before hydraulic power steering (HPS) goes the way of the buggy whip, though, we wanted to understand the differences so we concocted this test. BMW conveniently offers both types of assist on 5 ...