Jun 12, 2015 · When OS X El Capitan ships this fall we should see some big improvements in performance on our Macs thans to Metal, which is Apple's system for vastly improving how our computers handle graphics.
Nvidia SLI / AMD Crossfire (Graphic card bridges) Disable SLI or Crossfire in the GPU driver settings. Bi-GPU (Two GPU chipsets on one graphic card) Disable the use of the two GPU chipsets in the drivers settings to only one.
Up until the release and install of the latest AMD video drivers, I had no issues running 2 GPU (per one PC) switching each one GPU into Compute mode from Gaming, even if it was a mining rig with the same number of the same grade AMD GPUs installed. Say, a 6 AMD GPU rig with 2x560, 2x570 and 2x580, for a total of 6, 3 pairs of the same kind.
sam sam needs your help with “Radeon Technologies Group: AMD add an option in GPU settings to disable the new power saving to recover performance”. Join sam and 180 supporters today. Join sam and 180 supporters today.