n2y SymbolStix PRIME is a web-based symbol search engine and materials creation platform where students engage in symbol-based language and learning materials for printing or speaking aloud online. Over 30,000 symbols are available, with 500 new symbols added monthly. http://datacentral.esboces.org/services/specialeducation/n2y.aspx
CK20 AS Symbolstix Kate Test. Auditory Scanning CommuniKate 20 is a socially focused 20 location, page set designed exclusively for people who use AAC. It was designed so that it could be easily used in conjunction with a low-tech communication book and as a progression from a...
**SymbolStix Version** All twelve level 1 books and the level 1 low-tech communication board in one download for a lower price! Convenient PDF files using SymbolStix symbols. SymbolStix and Boardmaker symbols used with permission. Level 1 words: want, all done, mine, help, turn, eat, drink, pla.
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